Corporate Tax

A company, regardless of whether it is a local or a foreign company, will be taxed on its:

income accruing in or derived from Singapore; or
income received in Singapore from outside Singapore
Income is assessed on a preceding year basis. This means that the basis period for any Year of Assessment (YA) generally refers to the financial year ending in the year preceding the YA.

Singapore Tax Rate
  1. New Start Up Companies
    To encourage local entrepreneurship, Singapore Government has declared a full tax exemption for newly incorporated companies.

    Chargeable Income for the first 3 years of assessmentTax Rate (%)
    First S$100,0000
    S$100,000 - S$300,0008.5
    Thereafter, a flat rate of17
    To qualify for the tax exemption for new start-up companies, the following conditions must be met:
    • It is incorporated in Singapore;
    • It is a tax resident of Singapore for that Year of Assessment;
    • It has no more than 20 shareholders throughout the basis period relating to that Year of Assessment;
    • All its shareholders are individuals throughout the basis period relating to that Year of Assessment OR start-up companies with corporate shareholders can qualify for the existing Start-Up Tax Exemption Scheme, provided that there is at least one individual shareholder of minimum 10% shareholding.
  2. For Companies that do not qualify
    Chargeable IncomeTax Rate (%)
    First S$10,0004.5
    Next S$290,0008.5
    After S$300,00017
Corporate Tax Filing Deadlines
Filing DeadlineDeadline
Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)3 months from Financial Year End
Corporate Tax Filing31 Oct of every year
If you furnish your company‚€ôs ECI within the qualifying period, you can pay your tax in instalments. The earlier you furnish your ECI, the higher is the number of instalments you get.

To encourage you to e-File, with effect from YA 2008, the number of instalments given to those who file ECI electronically is more than that given to those who file ECI using paper ECI Forms

Our Corporate Tax Service Fees
ServiceFee ($)
Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)50 per year
Un-audited Accounts - Computation + Filing of Form C*800 - 2000 per year
Audited Accounts - Computation + Filing of Form C*1500 - 3000 per year